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Reinier G Bonachea Diaz was born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba. His musical journey started at the tender age of 7 years old and continues till he graduates on top of his class from the Ernesto Lecuona Conservatory of Music. He then moves to Habana where he starts his career as a professional musician, playing for the best orchestras of the country, such as, David Albares, Juego de Mano, Leoni Torres, Climax, JG y Su Groupo and El Nino y La Verdad, among others. 
This excellent trumpet player has shared the stage with big names, with the likes of Omara Portuondo, Candido Fabre, Polito Ibanez, Paulo FG, Yeni, Van Van, David Blanco and Alexander Abreu etc, during the time he lived in Cuba.
In 2012 he does his first international tour in Canada where he participated in jazz festivals in Toronto, Montreal and London, Ontario.
In 2014 he travels to Cancun, Mexico to play in popular Salsa Festivals throughout the country. He then moves to Mexico City where he begins to play for the prestigious Orchestra Internacional Sonora Dinamita and tours the country with them. 
On February 24th of 2015, Reinier arrives in Miami where he has played with many orchestras from many different countries, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Puerto Rico. In Miami, he has been able to accompany great cuban artists as well, Issac Delgado, Haila Mompie, Alain Perez, Cucu Diamante for example. 

Reinier Bonachea is one of the best trumpet player from Cuba. This excellent musician, arranger and producer has performed in jazz festivals all over the world such as North Sea Jazz Festival, International Jazz Montreal Festival, Miami Festival, among others. His great talent has allowed him to be one of the trumpet players most acclaimed by the great international stars of Salsa, such as Oscar d' Leon, Jose Alberto el Canario, Issac Delgado, Albita Rodriguez, Alain Perez.

In 2015 Reinier starts working on new projects with the excellent Cuban Salsa singer Lisett Morales. The couple has been working together ever since, and one year later they recorded their first album together "Puro Sabor" 2016, inspired by most of the Cuban rhythms and fresh lyrics written by Lisett Morales and musically arranged and produced by Reinier Bonachea. After the big success with their most recent single "Somos Latinos" 2017 and "Ganas de Ti" 2017, this extraordinary Salsa singer and this virtuoso Cuban Trumpeter returned with another Salsa hitS "Proverbios" and "Otra Oportunidad". These two great artists are The Perfect Combination!!